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Toshiba to Bow Single-Sided DVD, HD DVD Disc

11 Sep, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Toshiba Corp. and Memory-Tech Corp. have announced the creation of a second-generation single-sided optical disc that can accommodate and play both standard-DVD and HD DVD formats.

The three-layer ROM disc, which Toshiba and Memory-Tech said they plan to introduce to the HD DVD Forum, has 30GB of HD DVD storage capacity and 4.7GB of standard capacity. The disc is seen as an improvement over a 2004 single-disc edition that could handle 15GB of HD DVD and 4.7GB of standard DVD content.

The new single-sided disc has been test-marketed since April in Japan with favorable results, according Tokyo retailer Pony Canyon.

“We are getting very positive feedback from the market,” Hideki Oyagi, general manager with Pony, told BusinessWire. “The new three layer format will allow us to develop even more products and I'm sure it will accelerate acceptance of the HD DVD format in the market.”

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