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TLC Shalt Release These Videos

7 Feb, 2003 By: Brendan Howard

If Moses hauled the Ten Commandments down from the mountain today, he might be holding videos instead of stone tablets.

They're lighter, you know.

Still, TLC Entertainment is sticking with the old interpretation for its “Kids' Ten Commandments,” a five-video series the first title of which, The Not-So-Golden Calf, streets Feb. 11 in video specialty stores. The series will see a wider launch to mass merchants in 2004, the company said.

To try to ensure the videos stick to the Bible, filmmakers worked with an advisory board of pastors, rabbis, educators and Bible scholars.

In the 30-minute The Not-So-Golden Calf ($14.99 VHS, $17.99 DVD), young Seth and his donkey, Jacob, get big heads after the evil Hazzaka (voiced by Tim Curry) convinces the Hebrews to build and worship a golden calf in Jacob's likeness. When Moses shows up, he teaches everyone about the oneness of God and the problems in worshiping “false idols.”

Other notable voices working on the series are Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Tom Bosley (“Happy Days”), Rene Auberjonois (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”) and Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid).

TLC Entertainment worked with animation producers SMEC Media and RichCrest Animation to make the series, and is partnering with Tyndale Entertainment to distribute the video to the religious marketplace.

TLC has worked with Tyndale before, most notably on its animated “McGee and Me!” series, which teaches biblical morals to kids.

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