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TLA Asks Fans to Submit Stories of Economic Woe for Contest

17 Mar, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

TLA Releasing

If you’ve got a tale of economic woe, humor, sadness, or just plain oddness, then TLA Entertainment Group wants to hear from you.

And if your personal story about surviving in this economic climate is better then everyone else’s, it could be worth a cool $1,000.

Starting March 16, the independent supplier is asking fans of its products (ages 18 and older) to write 300-word tales of how they could use the money, and submit them to www.tlaraw.com/giveaway by April 9. The company’s newly founded Emergency Economic Stimulus Department will select a dozen winners, giving away TLA gift cards to places one through 10, and $500 to the first runner up.

“Our customers have been good to us. It’s time we gave back to our cinephiles and pornfreaks, and now is the perfect time,” said TLA Entertainment Group CFO Claire Brown-Kohler. “We’ve been writing for our customers all these years. It’s their time to speak out.”

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