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TiVo Launches Evaluation Panel

14 Aug, 2002 By: Hive News

TiVo and Lieberman Research Worldwide have created a panel to use DVRs for the viewing and evaluation of movie trailers, promos for TV shows and new advertising campaigns, the companies announced today.

TiVo subscribers have begun opting in for the panel, and will be eligible to participate in surveys to test promotional and product concepts for a variety of marketing clients.

"We're going to be able to offer leading marketers the opportunity to get almost immediate feedback from a discriminating audience that can view video broadcast to their TiVo," said Brodie Keast, general manager and senior vice president for the TiVo Service. "At the same time, we'll be offering our audience a sneak peak at promotions for top films, TV shows, products and entertainment."

Lieberman Research Worldwide, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing full-service custom marketing research resources, plans to begin offering this custom research option immediately to its leading roster of marketing clients. Lieberman has been offering custom market research to domestic and international marketers for almost 30 years.

"Our firm is known for being ahead of the curve on new research capabilities for marketers, so we're excited to be working with TiVo to create this DVR based research panel," said Peggy Einnehmer, senior vice president of Lieberman Research Worldwide. "The TiVo research panel constitutes a big leap forward in the capabilities of marketers to get critical feedback from opinion leading consumers in the most natural environment ... their living room."

TiVo subscribers sign up to participate in the Hotline2Hollywood program by filling out a survey at hotline2hollywood.com, a site sponsored by Lieberman Research Worldwide and TiVo.

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