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TiVo Debuting HD DVR

24 Jul, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

TiVo will debut its high-definition digital video recorder next month.

TiVo's new high-definition digital video recorder will retail for $299 and should be available in stores next month, according to the company's Web site.

The TiVo HD DVR is a full $500 less than the company's first HD DVR offering, and has a 160 gigabyte hard drive, capable of storing 20 hours of HD video, or 180 hours of standard-definition video. The TiVo HD DVR has four output modes, 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1081i and includes two USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet connection. It does not support satellite services. For HD service, customers must own a multi-stream CableCARD decoder or two single-stream CableCARDs.

“Designed as a universal cable box replacement that works seamlessly with any cable provider, the TiVo HD DVR also includes exclusive TiVo service features such as movie and TV downloads through Amazon Unbox, home movie sharing and universal Swivel Search, delivering the best broadband video directly to the television set,” the company's Web site states.

The company is taking preorders for the set-top box now, and it will be available through the company, at Best Buy, Circuit City and Amazon.com.“TiVo HD extends the TiVo experience to an even wider audience than ever, giving sports and entertainment enthusiasts the ultimate companion to their HDTV set,” said Tom Rogers, CEO and president of TiVo. “It is the ultimate media centerpiece for the living room with the broadest selection of broadband content, right alongside your favorite broadcast and cable programs, giving HDTV viewers more choice and control than they've ever had before. And it can be used in place of the customer's existing cable box.”Michael Greeson, president of The Diffusion Group, a consumer technology think tank, said of the deal: “With close to 30% of U.S. homes now owning at least one high-definition TV, the market is ready for an HD-enabled platform that combines the best in DVR technology with the best of both traditional and Web-based video entertainment. TiVo HD sets the standard in terms of non-PC Internet-enabled set-top platforms, not to mention providing the seamless interface to which TiVo users have become accustomed.”

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