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Tina Sinatra Remembers Her Legendary Father As Numerous Film Collections Hit Disc

8 May, 2008 By: Craig Modderno

Warner Home Video May 13 releases five separate Frank Sinatra film collections, which include 11 new-to-DVD movies. The 22 pictures represent the largest single release in one day of any film talent. The Chairman of the Board's youngest daughter, Tina, talks about the work of her legendary father.

HM: This is certainly a widespread celebration of your father's work with all of the DVD collections and the commemorative stamp honoring Frank's legacy. What would you say it was about him and his work that stands the test of time?

Sinatra: His sense of self and style in everything he did… and that he did it ALL so well.

HM: How involved were you and your siblings with all of these new collections that are coming out in May?

Sinatra: I am involved in everything we do and don't do.

HM: These new collections will feature 11 films that haven't been released on DVD yet. What will these new DVD's have to offer to those who aren't as familiar with his lesser-known films?

Sinatra: His earlier films are great fun and he's so good in them. The MGM years are some of his best.

HM: Frank was so immensely successful in music, film and television. Did he have a true favorite between them?

Sinatra: His music was the most important part of his life. He would say his family came first…I'd say we were a very close second. His music was his life.

HM: Were you involved in the bonus features of any of these DVD's and, if so, what can we expect there?

Sinatra: I was not involved in picking bonus features. But I think they add to the entire Sinatra experience, with many more treasures to come.

HM: The musical biopic is quite a popular genre in Hollywood these days. Have you or your siblings been approached about a full-scale Frank Sinatra biopic?

Sinatra: We are nearly ready to announce a theatrical motion picture. Can you guess who the director is?

HM: Personally, what is your favorite film of your father's and why?

Sinatra: The Tender Trap … because he's so silly in it. I like to remember him that way.

HM: This is the first initiative of Frank Sinatra Enterprises. What other sorts of things will we see from FSE in the future?

Sinatra: The sky's the limit! What feels right to me or us … must always feel like something Frank Sinatra would do. That is the key to all we do.

HM: When you look back on his whole legacy in music, film, television and fatherhood, what sticks out the most about Frank to you?

Sinatra: His warmth, self-confidence, humor and style.

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