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Time for '3:10 to Yuma' on DVD and Blu-ray

2 Nov, 2007 By: Billy Gil

3:10 to Yuma

Critically acclaimed Western 3:10 to Yuma, which many say is likely on the A-train to Oscar nominations, will hit DVD and Blu-ray Disc Jan. 8, 2008 (prebook Dec. 12) at $29.95.

Lionsgate will bow the film, starring Russell Crowe, Peter Fonda, Christian Bale and Ben Fost, with a making-of documentary, deleted scenes, an audio commentary with director James Mangold, and the featurettes “An Epic Explored” and “Outlaws, Gangs & Posses.”

The $39.99 Blu-ray Disc includes the special features of the DVD plus interactive feature-length extras such as “Inside Yuma,” a picture-in-picture making-of featurette, and “Historical Timeline of the West,” which covers significant historical events of the Wild West. Other special features exclusive to the Blu-ray version are “3:10 to Score,” with composer Marco Beltrami; “The Guns of Yuma,” on the authentic weapons used in the film; “Sea to Shining Sea,” on how America's railroads changed the country's landscape; and “A Conversation with Elmore Leonard,” the writer of the original short story upon which the film is based.

The film follows a rancher (Bale) who witnesses the end of a stagecoach robbery by infamous outlaw Ben Wade (Crowe). Once the outlaw is arrested, the rancher attempts to escort him to the 3:10 train to Yuma to collect a $200 reward, as well as prove himself to his hotheaded young son. The rancher must face such perils as attacks from Native Americans as well as Wade's devious mind games.

The 1957 original starred Glenn Ford. A special edition DVD of the original was released this year by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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