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Third <I>Shrek</I> Game Unveiled

14 Feb, 2002 By: Hive News

TDK Mediactive will ship racing adventure title Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway for Game Boy Advance March 20.

To date, TDK has shipped more than 830,000 Shrek-themed software units across three interactive platforms, including a children's PC CD-ROM title copublished with Activision Value, a subsidiary of Activision.

In the third game title based on the DreamWorks feature film Shrek and his fairy tale troops compete against Lord Farquaad and his minions in a roadster challenge to get the dragon's treasure. Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway boasts different tracks, including flat and rolling terrain and challenging hairpin turns. With special power-ups and magical shortcuts, players can enhance the chance of winning races, but driving skill and racing strategy will still win the day.

The game, created for Game Boy Advance has eight characters and features single-player and multiplayer options.

"With good-natured combat and tongue-in-cheek humor, Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway is poised to be a fun and entertaining title," said Vincent Bitetti, CEO of TDK Mediactive.

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