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ThinkFilm Hails 'Aristocrats' on iTunes

30 Jan, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Richard Lewis from The Aristocrats.

Indie supplier ThinkFilm is taking its edgiest title, The Aristocrats, to the hippest consumer in the market: iPod users.

ThinkFilm has tapped Apple's iTunes as a promotional partner for its raunchy comedian-laced documentary, which hit DVD last week. The day before the title arrived, teaser content from the disc's extra features appeared on the iTunes site for free downloading.

While Apple's popularity as a supplier of downloadable video content has grown substantially in the past six months, the ThinkFilm partnership marks the first time the service has been used for a specific DVD tie-in.

“We felt there was great synergy with the demographic for the iPod, and potential fans of the movie,” said Sarah Margolius, marketing director of home entertainment for ThinkFilm. “So we approached Apple, and they were quite receptive.”

Available on iTunes are extended footage of comedians such as Gilbert Gottfried, Taylor Negron, Bob Saget, Sarah Silverman and John Stewart telling their versions of, and talking about, the dirty Aristocrats joke that is the nexus of the documentary. It's content that is otherwise only available on The Aristocrats DVD.

“What we wanted to offer were clips from the extra footage that stand alone, that give you an idea of what the film is about, that give you a definite chuckle, but that don't give away too much,” Margolius said.

ThinkFilm worked with Mammoth Advertising to broker the deal. All online advertising will highlight the sneak peek clips available at iTunes.

“It's really engaging content that is hopefully going to take consumers to the next step and buy the DVD,” said Tom Cunha, VP of interactive marketing for Mammoth.

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