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ThinkFilm Getting Into Kids' Heads

12 Apr, 2005 By: Angelique Flores

Not wanting to be left out of the kidvid market, ThinkFilm has launched a new label, ThinkFilm Kids.

The new division will focus on learning and educational products for children, beginning with the two series “Braincandy” and “My First Day.”

Husband-and-wife team Sam Reich-Dagnen and Johnny Dagnen created “Braincandy” and distributed the DVDs themselves on a limited scale. Intended for children ages 9 months to 5 years, “Braincandy” is a series of six titles that teach children about the five senses. The DVDs instruct children to do various activities and mimic the action on the screen to learn the material.

“This is not just lovely animals and colors and sounds to sit and watch,” said Marc Hirshberg, COO, ThinkFilm. “There's an interactive approach.”

ThinkFilm Kids will debut the first “Braincandy” title, Braincandy: My 5 Senses (DVD $19.99), July 5. Braincandy: My 5 Senses received the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board and a Preferred Choice Award from the Top Creative Toy Awards. The next title in the series is expected to come in September.

The second series, “My First Day,” features children's first-time experiences hosted by the character Buddy Bear. Aimed at children ages 1-6, this series also features interactive learning. My First Day at Preschool (DVD $14.95) streets Aug. 2.

Other titles to come later in the year include My First Day at the Doctor and My First Sibling.

My First Day at Preschool has already received recognition such as Parent & Child Magazine's Teachers' Pick: Best of 2004 Best Video and Parenting Magazine's Video of the Year for 2003.

“We definitely plan to grow,” Hirshberg said about the new label. “We firmly believe in the two brands.

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