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They Got How Many Hits?

10 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

Kanakaris Wireless will start displaying a counter that tracks movie downloads where all site visitors can see it, the company announced today.

The new feature is a response to increased attention on the development and viability of online movie delivery, a spokesperson said.

"This continues the process Kanakaris began in 1995 of building a viable and proven world online distribution point for movies," said Alex Kanakaris, president and editor-in-chief of Kanakaris Wireless. "Coupled with our brick-and-mortar distribution company, Fast Forward Marketing, we now offer a unique movie distribution system of on-demand digital, scheduled live digital and VHS and DVD titles both online and to video retailers," he added.

Among statistics available at the Kanakaris site are a geographic breakdown of users, total registered users, new registrants for the month and most popular titles.

As of Sept. 8, the average number of hits during a week is 1,435,036 and there are more than 300,000 Kanakaris.com registered users, Kanakaris reported.

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