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Their Favorite Scenes &hellip; Yeah, baby, <I>yeah!</I>

5 Sep, 2002 By: Fred Topel

When Austin Powers in Goldmember hit theaters, it surprised everyone with its plot twists, character surprises and box office take.

But none were more surprised than the actors when they realized some of their favorite scenes had been cut. Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina), Seth Green (Scott Evil), Robert Wagner (Number 2) and Michael York (Basil Exposition) hope several of these scenes make it to the DVD.

Sterling's favorite was a gratuitous vomit scene. “We're in the lair and it's myself, Mike [Myers], Seth and RJ [Wagner],” Sterling said. “We're all sitting around, all reacting to Roboto getting thrown into the tank of sharks. They're eating him, and it's gross and disgusting, so we're all reacting and getting sick and starting to vomit. Then we have this huge projectile vomiting scene. It's just spewing. It took days to do and you just thought, ‘This is going to be so funny.' Mike loved it, but it's not in. I heard they did it to test markets and people thought it was disgusting.”

The reason the scene took days to film was because of the elaborate hookups required to make each actor vomit. “I think the first time they did it, it didn't work that well,” Sterling continued. “It didn't look like we were vomiting. It looked like a hose or something. On the set, one or two people on the crew had to leave because they were getting sick.”

Director Jay Roach revealed there also was an elaborate choreography to the vomit scene. “It is the Fantasia of vomit scenes,” Roach said. “It tops Mr. Creosote in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. There are people vomiting off of upper decks. It's perfect symmetry. It's all done to opera music.”

Green's favorite scene was a little cleaner than that. “I had a really funny scene, and I was disappointed because we didn't even get to film the entire version of it, which was so much more brilliant. There's a scene where Dr. Evil gets captured and we're packing up the lair, and we've got moving boxes with henchmen uniforms and wardrobe boxes and we're like, ‘Packing stinks.'

“But in the beginning of the scene that never got filmed there's a realtor showing another evil mastermind the lair. It was like a Dr. Claw. They were going to get Chris Walken to play the part, and the realtor was like, ‘Now notice all the recessed lighting.' ‘Are those lasers included?' ‘The lasers are going, but the sconces are staying. And there's a detention cell in the basement.' And he's like, ‘I like it. I like it.' They turn privately and they're like, ‘The seller's very motivated.’

Green also revealed that the filmmakers shot scenes with previous Austin Powers stars Heather Graham and Elizabeth Hurley, but wouldn't say what their scenes entailed.

Wagner misses the big musical number “What's It All About, Austin?” Burt Bacharach appeared to kick off the song, and part of the montage involved Wagner with Rob Lowe, who played the young Wagner in Austin Powers 2. A clip of that scene can be seen in Goldmember's end credits, with Wagner wearing a dress.

York recalled a longer version of the Buckingham Palace scene in which Powers gets knighted by the queen of England. “There was the queen and things with courting dogs doing unspeakable things,” York said.

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