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Theatrical: Four Flicks Fling Sony to No. 1 B.O.

6 Feb, 2004 By: Brendan Howard

Second-month receipts from the Tim Burton film Big Fish, the romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give and the Julia Roberts starrer Mona Lisa Smile and a helpful serving from the debut of the breakdancing flick You Got Served won Sony No. 1 box office market share for January.

Sony's total $130.5 million put it well above No. 2 New Line, with $119 million. Big hitters for New Line were The Butterfly Effect, Monster and, particularly, the third through seventh weeks of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($83.1 million).

In third was Universal, with a strong showing from the first three weeks of Along Came Polly ($66 million) and a less-impressive showing from the second to sixth weeks of Peter Pan ($21 million).

The actioner Torque, the romantic comedy Chasing Liberty and the Oscar nominees Mystic River and The Last Samurai helped Warner Bros. to No. 4, with $76.8 million.

Hot on Warner's heels was Fox, with Cheaper by the Dozen making up $64.1 million of its $75.7 million total.

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