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Teens Bigger on Internet Than Devices

22 Aug, 2007 By: Billy Gil

Teenagers are more concerned with their online experiences than the electronic devices they use to access the Internet, according to a report by Boston-based technology research firm Yankee Group.

The report, “Corporations Just Don't Understand: Why Some Products Fail While Social Networks Thrive for Teens,” showed that just because teens flock to sites such as MySpace doesn't mean they'll buy expensive consumer gadgets. However, according to the group's “Anywhere Consumer: 2007 U.S. Teens and Technology” survey, teens are interested in accessing the Web from a mobile device, even if they are not buying such devices.

“Although teens show a strong potential to be Anywhere Consumers, their need for social acceptance trumps their desire for connectivity and thus makes them device reluctant leaders,” said Jennifer Simpson, senior analyst in Yankee Group's consumer research group.

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