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Tech Companies Form Lobby Group to Counter Hollywood Demands

30 Jan, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

A coalition of technology companies have joined to form a lobby group to protect the tech industry's interests in legislative battles over how best to quell digital piracy.

The Alliance for Digital Progress (ADP) launched Jan. 23 with a Washington, D.C., press conference to outline its goals. “Government-designed and -mandated technology that swaps the diversity of marketplace solutions for a ‘one size fits all' approach is not the answer. Mandates are a mistake,” said ADP president Fred McClure. “A mandate will raise the price of everything from CD players and DVD players to personal computers. It will make the devices consumers own today obsolete and stifle the innovation at the heart of digital progress.”

The statement was a clear shot at Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)-backed bills to mandate hardware-based copy protection.

“The copyright industry has been in good faith negotiations with computer companies and consumer electronics companies for a long time,” said MPAA president Jack Valenti. “The MPAA is trying to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion … to stop the thievery of films so a legitimate digital marketplace can thrive.”

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