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Target Stocking Dollar DVDs

15 Nov, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

Target has begun stocking $1 discs of public domain content provided by Genius Entertainment, which most retailers recognize more for its Baby Genius line of kidvids than for classic movies, TV and cartoons.

Spokespersons for Genius did not respond to several requests to interview for this article, but the cardboard-boxed discs in Target's $1 spot are placed in impulse position, near the main entrance, along with other $1 items that look like prime stocking stuffers.

Target is the latest in a series of discounters and mass merchants to carry $1 discs. Wal-Mart recently began stocking similar product from DigiView, and the 99 Cents Only chain offers $1 discs from Genius and other suppliers.

A California company called Vina Distributor is among the suppliers with $1 and $1.99 discs in Sav-On Drug stores. Vina's Web site lists the cost for most of these discs at 65 cents each.

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