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Target, Costco Court Shoppers for Kid DVD Product

13 Mar, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

A Costa Mesa, Calif., Target location and a nearby Costco tried to snare kidvid DVD shoppers with their merchandising strategies and stock of children's product this week.

At the Target location, the week's newest kidvid releases were bountiful on DVD, with Strawberry Shortcake, Inspector Gadget 2, Bob the Builder and the Knights of Fix-a-Lot and Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie stocked alongside the week's newest theatrical hits, not only in the kid section but everywhere DVD was highlighted. A selection of VHS for the titles was merchandised nearby, but, overall, the kiddie DVDs got more than twice the shelf space.

At Costco, the store's only video endcap was devoted to children's product, with DVDs of the latest “Bob the Builder” title sharing space with DVD and VHS copies of Inspector Gadget 2. Rows and rows of Jonah's blue box art introduced the rest of the store's DVD section, and Strawberry Shortcake's debut got plenty of play in the store's DVD racks. One shopper picked up a VHS of Inspector Gadget 2 “for the kids,” where there's only a VCR, but opted for the DVD of Jonah because “the whole family will probably watch it.”

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