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Target to Carry Apple TV

25 Apr, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Target Corp. will reportedly be the second major chain to carry the new Apple TV, following electronics giant Best Buy.

Apple's iTunes-enabled set-top box is available from the Apple store and plenty of online destinations — but at limited brick-and-mortar retail locations.

According to AppleInsider.com, Target will start carrying the snazzy $299-device at an undisclosed number of locations at the end of the month, when the chain regularly goes through a reset in the electronics department.

The retailer also is expected to incorporate some high-profile in-store merchandising supporting the new gadget, with Apple TV hooked up to a widescreen HDTV display, according to reports.

The device, which transfers downloaded video and music from the iTunes store to the TV through a user-friendly interface, debuted late last month. However, despite a swath of announcements and promotions around the wireless-networked gadget, Apple neglected to highlight that the Apple TV only works with a widescreen HDTV set.Early editorial and consumer reviews of the device found Apple's quietude on that important device spec somewhat sneaky.

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