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Target, Amazon to Get Exclusive Moore Set

26 Aug, 2004 By: Brendan Howard

A new Michael Moore DVD Collector's Set streeting Oct. 5 (prebook Sept. 7) from MGM Home Entertainment will be sold exclusively in Target stores and online at Amazon.com.

The set includes pre-Fahrenheit 9/11 documentaries from Moore: the two-disc special edition of Bowling for Columbine as well as a single-disc The Big One and a bonus disc with a brand-new featurette.

That bonus disc will hold “39 Cities in 23 Days,” a behind-the-scenes look at Moore's Dude, Where's My Country? book tour.

The two-disc Bowling has such previously released extras as interviews with Moore and commentary by Moore as well as featurettes on film screenings, the activist-friendly “Mike's Action Guide” and “Teacher's Guide” educational materials.

Separately, The Big One is $19.99 and the single-disc Bowling is $14.95 (the two-disc special edition is only available in the boxed set).

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