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Taking 'AVP' to TV

11 Apr, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Tom Woodruff, the creature effects designer for AVP: Requiem.

When brothers Colin and Greg Strause found out they were getting their first feature film directorial shot with Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the DVD was one of the first things they thought about.

“We actually talked about it before the shoot … we talked about it a year ago,” Greg Strause said. “There was a really cool thing with the skinned [police officer.] We'd been told it wouldn't be allowed in the theatrical, and we said ‘this would be great for the DVD.' Unfortunately, we never got around to shooting it.”

While that little bit of blood and gore can't be found on the April 15 Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases of AVP:R, plenty more is included. The special-edition DVD and Blu-ray Disc includes a dozen featurettes, commentaries and more.

That doesn't mean anyone who worked on the film has watched any of them, or even had a chance to check out the film in its Blu-ray 1080p glory.

“My understanding is Fox is sending us both a Blu-ray player soon,” joked Tom Woodruff — the man in the alien suit for AVP:R — about himself and his fellow creature effects designer and special effects supervisor Alec Gillis.

“I have to admit, we haven't fired it up on TV yet,” Colin Strause said. “I have the Blu-ray on my desk,” his brother added.

As for their personal DVD collections, Colin said his totals more than 1,000. “We go out and buy five to 10 DVDs at a time, all kinds. And we'll replace them with … Blu-ray,” Greg Strause said. “I think I have five different copies of Army of Darkness.”

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