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Swan Song For 'I Love Lucy'

11 Jan, 2006 By: Brendan Howard

The legendary sitcom “I Love Lucy” has its DVD swan song May 2. The final-season set I Love Lucy: The Complete Sixth Season (prebook March 21) arrives from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Guest stars in the show's last season included Bob Hope, Orson Welles and George Reeves (TV's original Superman). In this season, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's fictitious son, Little Ricky, goes through kid-sized travails, but Desi and Lucy's real-life son makes a cameo in the show's final regular episode.

Price, disc count or extras for the 27-episode set have not been announced yet. Also, you can bet your stock in Vitameatavegamin — for the pop-culture-deprived, those are the pills Lucy ends up hawking in a first-season episode — that Paramount eventually will have a complete-series set (there's already a five-season set), but no news yet.

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