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Survey: Web Surfers Want More Entertaining Laptops

22 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

More than half of Internet users want their portable computers to have the same music, movie and game capabilities as home-based PCs, a new Intel-commissioned study indicates.

In a survey conducted on behalf of Intel, laptop users said their ideal laptop PC would let them “surf the Internet wherever they are” (84 percent), would weigh less (79 percent), provide better battery life (57 percent), offer the digital music capabilities (57 percent) or digital movie capabilities (56 percent) that desktop PCs now have, and enable them to play games with maximum speed and rich graphics (49 percent).

Intel's “Laptops & Lifestyles” survey of more than 2,400 computer users found people have used their laptop PCs at weddings and funerals, in coal mines and on top of grain towers, from a Grand Canyon hiking trail to a “dodgy youth hostel in Amsterdam,” while riding a horse, milking a cow and building a chicken coop.

They tend to use them just about anywhere, and often while doing other things. Eighty-one percent reported using their laptops in front of the TV, 60 percent in bed, 54 percent while eating and 48 percent while undressed or in their underwear.

Forty-one percent of respondents used their laptops while riding as a passenger in a car, 39 percent while outdoors, 20 percent while on a train or bus, and 18 percent in a foreign country.

“The laptop PC has become an extension of ourselves, offering an unprecedented level of freedom while still helping people to feel organized, connected and in touch with the world,” said Ann Lewnes, VP, Sales & Marketing Group and director of Consumer Marketing for Intel. “No matter where our lives, jobs and experiences take us, consumers are increasingly turning to this one powerful device with which they can create, communicate, share and

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