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Survey Says P2P Users Still Support Traditional Media

3 Jun, 2009 By: Billy Gil

A survey co-produced by Vuze, which provides peer-to-peer software for trading high-definition video content, shows that Vuze users spend more money on traditional entertainment than the general population.


The survey, co-produced with research consultants Frank N. Magid Associates, shows that Vuze users buy 34% more DVDs annually than average Internet users. Vuze users also rent 24% more movies for a fee annually and attend 34% more movies annually than the average Internet audience.


“The clear message to the entertainment industry is that Vuze users aren’t simply your customers — they’re your best customers,” said Vuze CEO Gilles BianRosa. “The entertainment industry should embrace these top consumers and do more to encourage them to spend their entertainment dollars online.”


Additionally the survey showed 65% of Vuze users own an HDTV and 35% own a high-definition disc player.



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