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Survey Ranks DVD Players No. 3 Among Holiday Tech Toys

9 Dec, 2002 By: Hive News

A holiday survey of tech products consumers plan to buy this season ranks DVD players as the third item, just behind software and digital imaging products.

Topping the list culled from RoperASW's survey was new software with more than half (56 percent) of consumers intending to make a purchase. Of those, nearly two-thirds (65 percent) identified game software as a likely purchase and more than one third (38 percent) planned to buy photo or graphic creativity/editing products.

Additionally, nearly a quarter of those surveyed (24 percent) intend to purchase a digital still camera, making it this year's second most popular technology product.

DVD players were a close third place (23 percent). Of those interested in DVDs, 15 percent identified DVD "burners" or DVD recordable drives as purchases they were likely to make and 14 percent said they planned to buy CD "burners" or CD readable/write-able drives.

"Entertainment products and personal creativity are driving tech purchases this year," commented Richard March, SVP of RoperNOP Technology. "Consumers seem to want to make it themselves. They're buying products that let them create their own audio and video content."

Cell phones are still popular, with 21 percent of respondents listing them as a likely purchase. Among the intended uses for new cell phones are surfing the Internet, playing games and sending and receiving text messages, emails and photos.

Concerns about value also surfaced in the survey. Consumers consistently cited "value for the price" as the most important factor in their decision to purchase specific technology products.

"Economic concerns are very apparent," continued March. "Instead of buying new PC systems, for instance, consumers seem more likely to enhance an existing PC by adding new software or digital photo capabilities."

Following are the top 10 technology purchases consumers are planning for the 2002 Holiday season, according to the survey:

  • New software 56 percent
  • Digital camera (still photos) 24 percent
  • DVD player 23 percent
  • Cell (mobile) phone 21 percent
  • Broadband or high-speed Internet service 17 percent
  • Video game console 16 percent
  • DVD "burner" or DVD record-able or DVD-ROM drive 15 percent
  • Wireless computing devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.) 14 percent
  • CD "burner" or CD readable/write-able drive 14 percent
  • Personal desktop computer 14 percent

The survey was conducted between Nov. 8 and 14, via the Internet among a nationally representative sample of 5,150 Americans ages 18 and up from the RoperASW Online Consumer Panel.

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