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Survey: Parents Say Colleges Must Encourage Legal Downloading

26 Apr, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Parents want colleges and universities to take the lead in educating students about illegally downloading music and movies on educational networks, according to a survey by College Parents of America.

The study, conducted in part with Ruckus Networks, an Arlington. Va.-based digital entertainment network, found that among 650 parents of current or college-bound students, 89% believe their children listened to music online and 57% said their children downloaded music and/or videos.

Among parental respondents, 87% said they believed they were responsible for discouraging illegal file-sharing by their children while 82% believed colleges and universities shared in that responsibility.

“Having watched their children grow up with a keyboard at their fingertips, parents know that their kids will inevitably turn to their computers for entertainment,” said James Boyle, president of College Parents of America. “And parents also know that downloading music is easy, prevalent and often illegal. These days, colleges and universities can offer alternatives that are just as easy and available, but more importantly to parents, legal.”

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