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Survey: Nearly Half of U.S. Consumers Are Clueless About Mobile Video

1 Apr, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Nearly half of respondents to a survey of U.S. mobile phone customers between the ages of 18 and 34 don't know if their mobile carriers carry mobile TV or video service.

QuickPlay Media, which provides content management and delivery solutions for mobile video content, released the survey, which indicated 47% of respondents were unaware of their mobile service's video capabilities. Respondents who did watch mobile video did so in “snack”-sized bites (71%), with 41% watching between daily activities, 16% while waiting in line and 14% while in transit.

“Mobile operators have done an excellent job addressing the cost concerns of consumers with the launch of ‘all you can eat' data plans. Now, with the growing availability of advanced mobile devices, higher speed networks and high-quality mobile TV and video services, carriers have a further opportunity to drive service adoption by increasing marketing promotion of mobile media services,” said Wayne Purboo, president and CEO of QuickPlay Media.

The study also showed 43% of respondents saying perceived cost was the No. 1 reason they had not tried mobile TV and video, and that 54% would watch short, targeted advertising on mobile devices in order to have free access to mobile content.

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