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Survey: Moviegoers Not Satisfied With Theaters

10 May, 2006 By: John Latchem

A recent poll of 200 moviegoers found 78% thought movie tickets were too expensive, while 66% thought the same about concessions. The survey, by Invoke Solutions, found rude crowds and a lack of movie quality also contributing to declining attendance.

“Limited movie choices combined with the high cost of a night out at the movies are prompting consumers to stay home and watch DVDs,” said Peter Mackey, VP of research at Invoke.

The survey found only 23% of moviegoers were “very satisfied” with the quality of movies in 2005, complaining there were too many remakes and sequels and too much gratuitous violence, sex and language. Also, 35% of moviegoers reported going to the movies less often now than they did three years ago.

Of hypothetical theatrical promotions presented to survey participants, the most popular was an annual VIP pass that would provide discounts on movie tickets and concessions.

“There isn't a ‘silver bullet' answer to this problem,” Mackey said. “The solution lies in a combination of three inter-related factors: producing more original movies, controlling runaway prices of attending movies, and improving the overall crowd experience.”

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