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Survey: It's More Important Than Ever That Movie Studios Reduce the Violence

4 Oct, 2001 By: Hive News

A nationwide surveyconducted by the Las Vegas-based MRCGroup Research Group at the end of September found that about nine of 10 adults polled indicated it is important that movie studios reduce the number of movies containing violence and TV networks reduce the number of TV movies and shows containing violence.

According to the survey, women, significantly more so than men, feel it is "critically" or "very" important that violence be reduced in the movies and onTV. Least concerned about violence are the youngest citizens; but then concern increases sharply among those aged 41-60 and peaks among those over 60 -- where more than eight of 10 characterize the need to reduce violence as "critically" or "very"important.

At the same time, seven of 10 also indicate they will not change their movie-going and TV viewing habits. Further, men and women are equally reluctant to change their patterns. It is among the oldest segment, those most in favor of reduced violence, who indicate they are least likely to change theirmovie-going and TV viewing habits.

One-quarter indicated they are likely to attend fewer movies in theaters. This is particularly true for women and those aged over 60. While this would appear to have some impact on attendance,at least in the shorter term, the youngest segment, the most frequent moviegoers, are least likely to cut back.

Those who feel it is critically important to reduce movie violence have already opted out -- they arethe least frequent moviegoers and they are least likely to subscribe to premium TV channels.

The more important one deems it to reduce movie violence, according to the survey, the less likely one is to characterize action adventure, science fiction and horror movies as one of their favorites.

Conversely, comedy appeals regardless of their view on reducing movie violence -- comedy clearly the favorite.

The more important one deems it to reduce TV violence, the less likely one is to characterize action/adventure as one of their favorites.

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