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Survey Finds 33% Know Movielink

11 May, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Movie lovers are increasingly aware of and interested in alternate delivery methods, according to a new survey from Advanced Marketing Perspectives Inc.

Advanced Marketing queried 2,000 consumers about the different ways they watch movies and found that 33% said they knew of Internet video-on-demand service Movielink.com. One-third of those who said they knew about Movielink had actually visited the site.

That service has an edge over its main competition, CinemaNow, said Angela Paura, CEO of Advanced Marketing.

Only 18% of respondents said they were aware of CinemaNow and its VOD offerings.

All the activity and announcements of the past several months show content owners are aware that the movie market and its consumers are fragmented, and only becoming more so, she said.

“People are not looking at ways to reduce their consumption of entertainment, but they are changing,” Paura said. “Consumption varies widely now within a limited range of options. That variance is going to get even more significant as time goes on.”

The biggest challenge now lies in connecting consumers to the content, she said.

“Where do you find consumers in this really fragmented universe?” she said. “How do you plan marketing campaigns?”

Once TV sets with direct Internet connections become more prevalent, Internet-based VOD rental and purchase activities certainly will increase, Paura said. Now they represent just a sliver of the market.

About 10% of consumers watch a movie from a cable-based VOD or pay-per-view service every weekend, according to the survey.

Of course, that's a small figure compared to the two-thirds of consumers who watch DVD on a regular basis, the study noted.

The myriad of alternate delivery options already may be having an effect on the theatrical market. One-quarter of domestic moviegoers subscribe to online DVD rental services such as Netflix and Blockbuster Online. One-third of those, especially Netflix users, say their devotion to the site and the convenience it offers often keeps them out of movie theaters.

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