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Survey: 85% Watch Movies at Home

6 Jun, 2006 By: John Latchem

A national study by custom business research firm Guideline Inc. has found 85% of consumers typically watch movies at home. For movies they want to see, 49% said they wait to rent or purchase the DVD.

Guideline conducted the survey of 1,000 respondents in conjunction with the Promotional Marketing Association's Entertainment Advisory Board, which represents the major Hollywood studios.

The survey found men are more likely to see a movie in theaters (28%), and women are more likely to wait to rent the movie on DVD (31%). Of all respondents, 22% see the movie on the big screen first.

Of those who prefer to see films in theaters, 46% said they like the experience; another 46%, mostly younger moviegoers, said it was a fun activity; many said the big screen was how a film was meant to be seen.

With regard to shrinking windows and simultaneous releases, 56% said releasing the DVD shortly after the movie comes out has no effect on their motivation to buy or rent it. Another 20% said such a strategy would indicate to them it was a bad movie, motivating them to avoid it.

About 49% of DVD owners consider themselves casual buyers of movies, while 24% call themselves collectors; 68% buy a movie if it's one they want to see; 52% are motivated by price; and 20% are motivated by special features.

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