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Summit Cross-Promotes ‘Push’ and ‘Knowing’

15 Jun, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey


Dollar-conscious DVD fans will have reason to celebrate July 7 when Summit Entertainment streets both Push and Knowing.

While sold separately, consumers who pick up both $26.99 sci-fi action adventure DVDs will get $5 back via a mail-in rebate. Blu-ray Disc ($34.99) and VOD options will also be available day-and-date.

“We went at it looking at how we could get a good consumer value in front of people,” said T.J. Moffett, SVP of home entertainment marketing for Summit.

Much like its wildly successful launch of the Twilight DVD, Summit wants to turn the Push and Knowing releases “into an event,” albeit a smaller one.

“What can we do to motivate the consumer to get out of the house and pick up one of these DVDs, or hopefully both?” Moffett said.

While unable to offer specifics, Moffett said Summit’s retail partners will offer a variety of promotions for the releases.

“Everybody’s got something a little bit different,” he said.

The timing of the releases and streeting both titles on the same Tuesday have marked advantages, Moffett said. Summit will cross-promote the titles, with TV spots for both movies featuring a mention of the other, creating twice the impressions for half the marketing dollar. And the street date falls among a reasonably light release slate from other studios, giving Push and Knowing two weeks to bid for the consumer’s eye before Warner Home Video’s Watchmen takes over store shelves July 21.

“[Both sci-fi and action] are good genres for DVD,” Moffett said. “[Nicholas] Cage does especially well for DVD, and with July looking light early on in the month, that 2- to 3-week window could do very well for us.”

Starring Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Dakota Fanning (Twilight Saga: New Moon) and Djimon Hounsou (In America), Push raked in nearly $32 million at the domestic box office with its fast-paced story about young Americans with extraordinary abilities and a shady government agency out to recruit their services. Bonus features include a director and cast commentary, a “Science Behind the Fiction” featurette and deleted scenes.

Knowing fared even better in theaters, pulling in nearly $80 million domestically. Cage stars as a college professor who discovers that a seemingly random list of numbers in an elementary school time capsule actually chronicles every major disaster over the past 50 years … and those yet to come. Worse, somehow he and his son could be involved in bringing about the final predicted event: the end of the world. Bonus features include a director’s commentary, and the featurettes “Visions of the Apocalypse” and “Making of a Futuristic Thriller.”

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