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Study: Women Watch Most DVDs, Movies, TV

20 Jul, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Women have become chief media consumers.

Women watch more television, DVDs and theatrical releases than men and teenagers (male and female), according to a new study.

The report compiled by Integrated Media Measurement Inc., a San Mateo, Calif.-based consumer behavior research firm, found that women ages 45 to 54 will watch an estimated 1,142 hours (47.6 days) worth of TV, DVDs and theatrical releases in 2007.

Same-age men will watch 964.4 hours (40.2 days) of media this year. Women ages 35 to 44 will watch 918.8 hours (38.3 days) of media compared to 813.3 hours (33.9 days) for same-age males.

Combined, male and female teens, ages 13 to 17, are projected to watch just 801.3 hours (33.4 days) this year.

While teens tend to spend a greater percentage of their time and money on entertainment compared to adults, the study found that the younger demo explored alternative “screen” options, including computers, video games and Apple's iPod, more frequently than adults for their media needs.

“Teens embrace new content delivery and entertainment technologies at a much faster pace than their parents,” said Amanda Welsh, head of research for IMMI. “We will naturally see a widening gap in the amount of TV viewing time between the two groups.”

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