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Study: Most Youths Still Buy and Rent DVDs

3 Jul, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

As consumers from ages 13 to 29 (Gen Y) and ages 30 to 43 (Gen X) increasingly turn to the Internet for their monthly video content, the vast majority still purchase and rent DVDs, according to a new report.

The study, based on an online poll conducted by Knowledge Networks, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based research company, found that Gen Y (37%) and Gen X (18%) respondents sought more video downloads from the Web than young baby boomers (ages 44 to 54) at 11%.

About 52% of Gen Y respondents streamed video, compared to 37% for Gen X and 21% for young boomers.

Nearly 84% of all respondents expected to be able to watch video on the device of their choice.

But the report also said 98% of Gen Y and X respondents still considered themselves foremost DVD users, followed by 88% of young boomers. The study found that 71% of Gen X respondents bought DVDs monthly, compared to 67% for Gen Y and 51% for boomers.

Gen Y respondents rented slightly more DVDs monthly (67%) than Gen X (65%) respondents and boomers (44%).

Among all demographics, the monthly amount spent on video-related content was $31, which included about $13 for TV services, $13 for buying and renting DVDs and less than $5 for electronic distribution.

The specific monthly breakdown included:

$13.43 for TV services
$7.60 for DVD purchases
$5.14 for DVD rental
$1.85 for VHS purchase
$0.76 for VHS rental
$0.61 for pay-per-view movies and events
$0.44 for VOD
$0.37 for streaming video
$0.26 for cell phone video
$0.25 for video downloads
“DVDs [remain] the bread and butter of content providers,” said David Tice, VP and group account director at Knowledge Networks.

Gen Y led all demographics regarding monthly cell phone video usage at 10%, compared to 2% for Gen X and boomers.

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