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Study: DVR Penetration to 16M U.S. Homes by 2009

25 Jan, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Cable companies and satellite providers are ramping up efforts to facilitate consumer access to content from digital video recorders (DVR) throughout a home, according to research firm Parks Associates.

Sales of DVR devices are expected to exceed 25 million units by 2009.

The so-called “multi-room DVR” concept would incorporate a home network system to allow consumers the ability to “place-shift” content from the family room to the bedroom much in the way TiVo introduced “time-shifting” of television content.

“Recorded programming will be available throughout the home as these devices bring new levels of convenience and flexibility to TV use,” said Kurt Scherf, VP and principal analyst at Parks.

Scherf said the burgeoning home networking industry will move beyond broadband and the PC as telephone, wireless, coaxial and power line connections are applied to multi-room DVR set-ups.

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