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Study: Demand Exists for Interactive TV

29 Jan, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Television viewers increasingly want to interact with their favorite programming, according to a new Harris Interactive study.

The report found that 72% of respondents who watch reality programming want to interact with the shows, according to the online poll of more than 2,900 people.

Interactivity, which involves the remote control, is currently defined as using the onscreen TV guide, scheduling or selecting programs to record and viewing video-on-demand.

About 65% of sports viewers said they would interact with the programming, while 66% said they would interact with commercials. About 50% said they would interact with a drama program if possible.

The study found that viewers want to take interactivity to the next level, including conducting e-commerce, voting, obtaining product information, statistics and specialized data.

New York-based interactive TV company Ensequence, which commissioned the study, developed an application for the Bravo cable series “Top Chef 3: Miami” that allowed viewers to vote for contestants and download recipes.

The company in January won a technical Emmy for its work with MLB.TV, including technology that allows baseball fans to configure a personalized TV screen to watch six games at once and track fantasy players and statistics.

“As consumers spend big money to upgrade their TVs, they want to be able to do more with the programming and advertising they watch,” said Dalen Harrision, CEO of Ensequence.

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