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Study: Blu-ray to Lead Format Adoption

26 Jul, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Spurred by Blu-ray Disc, sales of next generation Blu-ray and rival HD DVD players are projected to surpass 32 million units by 2011, according to a new study.

That represents an 85% increase from 4.9 million units sold this year, said Parks Associates, a Dallas-based research firm.

"Purchasing or renting DVDs will continue to be a dominant way for consumers to view content," stated Chris Roden, Research Analyst at Parks Associates. "What has yet to be determined is which format will become the standard, HD DVD or Blu-ray?"

The report found no dominant format, as less than 10% of respondents said they were familiar with either Blu-ray or HD DVD.

"However, we are starting to see the pendulum swing slowly in one direction," Roden said. "Recent retail developments, support from major Hollywood studios, and inclusion of the format in the PlayStation 3 putsthe Blu-ray format in the lead."

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