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Study: 5.5M Bought HDTVs During Holidays and Super Bowl

25 Apr, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

About 25%, or 28 million, households have an HDTV, after 5.5 million more new HDTV buyers emerged during the holiday and Super Bowl season, according to new research report from Frank N. Magid Associates.

Up from 20% American household penetration in September 2007, the figures don't include another 3 million households that added a second HDTV during the same period. That makes nearly 10 million homes in the United States with more than one HDTV, the research firm reported.

“Consumers who become accustomed to the sleek and contemporary appearance of their first HD set are now looking to bring that benefit into other rooms in their home,” said Maryann Baldwin, VP of Magid Media Futures, the firm's media research unit. “However, owning an HDTV set and actually viewing HD are still two very different pursuits for many.”

The study shows that about 30% of HDTV set owners are not arranging for HD service, either because of the cost or the limited number of channels. Among those who bought their HDTV set in the past year, 18% said they did so to connect it to a high-definition video game console, the Xbox 360 or the Sony PlayStation 3. Only 3% percent said they were receiving HD programming over the air.

“Now that the early majority has joined the ranks of the HD adopters, the demographic makeup of the HD population is looking more like the overall U.S. TV viewing universe,” said Jill Rosengard Hill, VP and managing director of Magid Media Futures.

The study goes on to state that three out of every 10 American households plan on buying an HDTV in the next year, with many citing the February 2009 analog-to-digital TV transition. Four of 10 households that already have one HDTV will buy another in the next 12 months, according to the study.

For more information about the study, call 212/515-4523.

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