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Student Gets A <I>Wild</I> Awakening

22 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

The company that produces the Girls Gone Wild video franchise is asking a judge to drop a lawsuit brought by a woman who was caught bare-breasted on tape.

Becky Lynn Gritzke, a Florida State University business major, got more exposure than she bargained for when she bared her breasts at Mardi Gras last year.

She sued MRA Holdings LLC, the producers of the Girls Gone Wild videos, claiming they invaded her privacy and used her image without permission. Gritzke is seeking unspecified damages.

She admits in her lawsuit that she was among the women who removed their tops at Mardi Gras last year in exchange for beads and trinkets, but says she was surprised a month later to find out that she not only appeared in the video, but her image was also in the TV ad and on the Web site.

Ronald E. Guttman, an attorney for the video's producers, told the Associated Press there is no privacy protection for people who take their clothes off in public, especially at a big public event where many people have cameras.

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