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Starz Aligns Overture With Anchor Bay

6 May, 2008 By: John Latchem

Anchor Bay Entertainment will come under the same management as motion picture studio Overture Films. Anchor Bay and Overture are both units of Starz, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corp.

Anchor Bay had been part of Starz Media, the company's television production, syndication and animation unit. Under the new structure, Anchor Bay president Bill Clark will report to Chris McGurk, Overture Films' CEO.

“As Anchor Bay gets more deeply involved with distributing motion pictures in home entertainment — both its own and those produced by Overture — it made sense to have it become part of the motion picture studio rather than remain in the television division,” said Starz LLC chairman and CEO Robert B. Clasen. “This change will allow closer coordination on marketing and promotion for the Overture theatrical films and provide Overture's expertise to help market and promote Anchor Bay's specialty product.”

Anchor Bay is a DVD distributor of multiple genres including children's, fitness, horror, theatrical and classic television. Recent efforts involved producing and acquiring its own movies for limited theatrical runs and home video release, including The Grand, with Woody Harrelson, Ray Romano and Cheryl Hines; and Sex and Death 101, starring Winona Ryder, Simon Baker and Patton Oswalt.

In addition, Anchor Bay will be the domestic home video distributor for Overture Films, starting with the May 13 DVD release of Mad Money, starring Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton and Katie Holmes.

“This new structure better aligns Anchor Bay's growing and diverse home entertainment product lineup with Overture's high-profile theatrical business,” Clark said.

Overture Films will remain an independent film studio with the financial and distribution support of a fully integrated media company behind it, Clasen said.

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