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Stars Say DVD Will Help 'Lost' Fans Find More

17 Aug, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

KAHUKU, Hawaii -- ABC's “Lost” is the kind of complex show that lends itself to repeat or even first-time viewing on DVD, said cast members at a launch gala here for Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Sept. 6 DVD release of Lost: The Complete First Season.

However, at least one star wishes her audition tape had been lost.

“You're going to see all of our audition tapes on the DVD,” said Yunjin Kim, who plays a Korean wife facing a language barrier after the plane crash that strands the characters on the island. “They wanted approval, all of the actors to look at the tape. I looked at it and thought, ‘Oh my God, you guys cast me. Not only just cast me, but wrote a character about me.' I did so many, like, pauses. I thought I was horrible.”

Lost: The Complete First Season crashes onto DVD in a seven-disc set at $59.99 with more than eight hours of bonus features. In addition to cast auditions, extras include unaired flashbacks, commentaries with cast and crew, and a featurette on the making of the pilot.

The DVD offers a heightened viewing experience and a chance to hook new fans, said Matthew Fox (“Party of Five”), who plays the doctor and group leader Jack.

“It's going to be more powerful [on DVD]. It's going to be without the commercial breaks and in widescreen. They are going to be all these extras that are really cool,” he said. “And I think there are some people who haven't sat down with the show because they came to it a little late and they feel like they missed out on too much. They're really excited about the opportunity to catch up on their own time and get into the show for the season premiere.”

“I think the show really lends itself well [to DVD],” added Maggie Grace, who plays the self-centered Shannon. “There's quite a lot to keep up with, and I know there's certainly a lot you don't catch the first time around, because I don't when I first read the scripts.”

Evangeline Lilly (Kate) said fans will savor the DVD set.

“I think the coolest thing about having the DVD release is that anyone who is a die-hard fan — who was really into the puzzles, the mysteries of ‘Lost' — now has an opportunity to go back and review season one, find all the clues that they may have missed in their first time watching it and be able to review all of the character stories and revisit who these people are and what the storyline has been,” she said.

While she didn't do a commentary on the DVD, Emile de Ravin, who plays the pregnant Claire, picked an episode that would have been her choice.

“It would have been kind of weird and interesting to do a commentary on the birth,” she said.

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