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Sports: Like Father, Like Son

29 Feb, 2004 By: Dan Bennett

In a perfect world, Dana Brown would find his new surfing documentary considered separate but equal to the films of his famous father, Bruce.

Step Into Liquid, a documentary describing the surfing lifestyle everywhere from California to Ireland to Vietnam, comes 38 years after his father's film The Endless Summer and the sequel The Endless Summer II. Step Into Liquid streets April 20 from Lions Gate Home Entertainment at $24.98 on DVD.

“I hope people who loved Endless Summer will find the same enjoyment and respect for the sport in my movie,” Brown said. “Certainly I'm genetically disposed to be like my father, but 1966 was a long time ago. People can say I'm imitating my dad with this film, but, shoot, he is my dad. What can I do? The chromosome deal is there.”

The 43-year-old Brown was very young during the making of his father's first film, though he was very involved in the second film. A journalist as well as a filmmaker, Brown thought the timing was good to update the saga.

“The legacy and power of the first film is amazing,” Brown said. “People come up to me after seeing my film and create parallels that I could never think of.”

Brown and crew spent a day shooting in Encinitas, Calif., near San Diego. It was there he interviewed local resident Jesse Billauer, who was partially paralyzed surfing but continues to ride waves, along with friend and surfing veteran Rob Machado. “He's wonderful. I hope people understand how incredible he is,” Brown said.

With Step Into Liquid, Brown, like other surf documentarians, tried to reveal the essence of surfing fever. “The movie is about a shared passion, about continually rekindling something you love to do,” he said.

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