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Spider-Man Game Swings Into Sequel

14 Jun, 2004 By: John Gaudiosi

Activision's Spider-Man 2 video game will ship day-and-date with Sony's blockbuster movie sequel, but Spider-Man fans who buy Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment's Spider-Man: Deluxe Edition DVD will get the first chance to play the PC game a month before the Spider-Man 2 console game ships.

Activision will release the game for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC, Game Boy Advance and N-Gage.

Two playable levels from Spider-Man 2, the PC video game, are included on the third disc of the three-DVD set. Also included on the disc is a PS2 preview of the game. On the outside of the game's box at Best Buy stores, there's a $5-off coupon for the purchase of the Xbox or PS2 version of the new game.

While CTHE did offer two playable levels from the first Activision Spider-Man game on the original Spider-Man DVD (they're also included in the new Deluxe Edition on disc two), this marks the first time that the company has offered an exclusive playable first look at a video game.

“We wanted to offer the Spider-Man fans an early taste of what Activision's Spider-Man 2 video game will offer,” said Marc Rashba, VP, catalog marketing, CTHE. “The Spider-Man Deluxe Edition DVD is aimed at avid fans, and we think the video game offers a unique value to the product, especially since the PC game skews to a broader and generally older audience.”

“We see the DVD release as a key vehicle to extend our game marketing program, as it really addresses the right audience [Spider-Man fans] at the right time [before the release of the movie sequel],” said Michael Chiang, Activision global brand manager.

Unlike the first movie-based game, which shipped a full month before the movie bowed, the sequel game has been kept under tight wraps by Sony Pictures. This year, the only way to play the game early is to buy the new DVD.

Treyarch, the developer of the first game, began work on the sequel immediately after the first game shipped with a team of 60 dedicated programmers, graphic artists, artists and Spider-Man fans.

Director Sam Raimi, an avid gamer, worked with Treyarch on the game, ensuring that the story line from the movie was faithfully captured in the game. He also made sure that the developer had all the digital assets it needed to transform the cast and settings of the movie into a virtual reality. Adding Hollywood authenticity to the movie tie-in, the cast provided voice work for the game, which included Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Alfred Molina, as well as Bruce Campbell returning as the narrator.

The new game introduces a fully realized city of Manhattan for gamers to explore on foot or through web-slinging and climbing. The heart of this game, though, is the web-slinging.

“Our main goal was to give the player an amazing locomotion/swinging system that really delivered the feel of being Spider-Man,” said Gregory John, senior producer at Treyarch.

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