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Special Episodes Get Special DVDs

9 Nov, 2007 By: John Latchem


Epic episodes from the animated comedies “Family Guy” and “South Park” are getting their own special DVD treatments next year.

The well-hyped “Family Guy” parody of Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope comes out on DVD Jan. 15, 2008, (prebook Dec. 19) from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The special hour-long episode re-cast the regular “Family Guy” characters in “Star Wars” roles. Series creator Seth MacFarlane even made appearances at Star Wars Celebration IV and Comic-Con to promote the episode, which aired Sept. 23. The episode is called “Blue Harvest,” a reference to the fake production title of Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi.

Two versions of Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest will be available: the $22.98 standard edition and a $34.99 special edition.

Bonus materials for both versions include an uncensored audio track, animatics, commentaries, interviews with MacFarlane and “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, and a teaser of the next “Family Guy” “Star Wars” spoof, “Something, Something, Something Dark Side,” which apes Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back. The special edition also will include collectible packaging, trading cards, a brochure, a T-shirt and a 3-D fight scene with 3-D glasses.

Meanwhile, “South Park” network Comedy Central touted the high ratings of the show's recent “Imaginationland” trilogy by announcing an uncensored version will come to DVD in March 2008 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

The three-part episode aired from Oct. 17-31, with “Episode III” earning 3.9 million total viewers, making it Comedy Central's most-watched telecast of 2007. The episode featured the boys of South Park visiting a magical land where the imagination comes to life, leading to cameos from hundreds of famous fictional characters, including the Care Bears, Snarf from “Thundercats” and Optimus Prime from “The Transformers.”

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