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Speaking in Many Tongues

10 May, 2006 By: Angelique Flores

Although she already had a number of films under her belt, actress Vanessa Bauche made an international splash in 2000 with her role alongside Gael Garc?a Bernal in the Oscar-nominated Amores Perros.

Bauche has been unstoppable ever since. She has received two of Mexico's prestigious Ariel awards and has been nominated for two more. Recently, she starred in A Silent Love and the Tommy Lee Jones vehicle The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

A Silent Love recently streeted on DVD ($19.95) from WEA/Desert Mountain Media, and Three Burials arrives June 6 on DVD ($26.96) from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

A Silent Love — a Canadian film half in Spanish, half in English — tells the story of a Canadian professor who marries a younger Mexican mail-order bride, Gladys (Bauche). As the newlyweds get to know each other, the professor falls for his new mother-in-law.

Having starred in films outside of Mexico that are partially in English, Bauche isn't shy about crossing back and forth between Spanish- and English-language films. The actress looks more at the quality of the script and doesn't see language as an obstacle in getting audiences to see her films.

Amores Perros was in Spanish, and you know, everybody saw it around the world,” she said.

Bauche believes the growing acceptance of Spanish-language films in mainstream America is a response to the growing needs of the Latin-American community in the United States.

“As the largest consumers of North American films, the industry knows there is a need to see that reflected on the big screen,” she said.

In the meantime, she recognizes the importance of DVD to the film industry.

“[DVD] is a medium that's very important in preserving our work,” she said.

Having worked in films produced all over North America, Bauche sees a difference between the film industry in Mexico versus that of other countries. While she is proud of the talent and passion behind the films made in Mexico, she said, there's a greater support, interest and professionalism in the film industries in other countries such as the United States.

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