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Sony Unveils First Blu-ray Products

16 Mar, 2006 By: John Latchem

Sony Electronics March 16 introduced its first Blu-ray Disc (BD) products, including home players, computer drives and recordable media.

The BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc player is expected to ship in July for about $1,000. The player is compatible with standard DVDs and uses HDMI to enhance the image.

The VAIO RC desktop and notebook computers, with BD drives, will be available by early summer at about $2,300. They will include software packages for high-def video editing and a BD burner for archiving. The computers are being shipped with a blank 25GB rewritable disc.

In April, Sony plans to ship 25GB BD-R recordable discs at $20 each and BD-RE rewritable discs at $25 each. The 50GB BD-R and BD-RE dual-layer discs will come in subsequent months for about $48 and $60, respectively.

The discs include Sony's AccuCORE technology, which resists scratching and makes for a more reliable archiving system.

The BWU-100A is an internal BD drive for computers that can burn a 25GB disc in about 30 minutes, and also can burn a standard single-layer DVD. Video can be down-converted from high-def BD for burning onto a DVD. A price has yet to be announced.

Sony is running a pre-launch Blu-ray campaign on its Web site, Sonystyle.com Sonystyle.com, and this summer will feature Blu-ray demonstrations at 32 Sony Style retail stores across the country.

Preorders for the BDP-S1 player will be available beginning March 17 through Sony Style's online and retail stores, and through authorized Internet dealers, including Bestbuy.com, Circuitcity.com, Sears.com, Ultimateelectronics.com, Tweeter.com, Amazon.com, Crutchfield.com, Bjorns.com, Abtelectronics.com, Listenup.com, Vac2buy.com, JR.com and Electronicexpress.com.

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