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Sony To Launch Movie-Game Strategy

10 May, 2002 By: Holly J. Wagner

After meeting success with marketing movie-based games like Spider-Man and A Knight's Tale, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment (SPDE) will launch a new franchise strategy pairing movies with Internet-distributed games for upcoming Sony Pictures Entertainment properties.

"This strategy is our next step in both the commercial delivery of games over the Internet, what we're now calling e-Distribution, as well as the next level in online film marketing," said Tim Chambers, SVP of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment's advanced Platforms. “Through these games, we are looking to deepen the engagement and experience for our users while extending the studio's brands both on and offline.”

The new game e-Distribution involves SPDE publishing completely Internet-delivered commercial games in conjunction with the theatrical debut of upcoming films including Men In Black II: Crossfire, the first title under the new strategy to be publicly unveiled at E3 later this month. As part of the game model, SPDE is working with Intel on a version of the game that will be optimized for the Intel Pentium 4 Processor.

“We are passionate about the quality of gameplay and attention to detail and we're dedicated to creating products that consumers would happily pay for to experience,” SPDE Advanced Platforms' VP Shalom Mann said. “We're also looking forward to delivering more compelling visual and entertainment performance to gamers with high-powered PCs.”

The initial e-Distribution strategy includes three new full-featured games to be produced each year that SPDE touts “will offer consumers much more than a casual online experience at a lower price than console games.”

The model will first focus on networked PCs, but Sony plans to release an Internet-ready Playstation 2 this summer so SPDE plans to target evolving game networked consoles as well.

The network-delivered gaming strategy arose from the successful online marketing collaboration between SPDE and Sony for A Knight's Tale and the 3-D content produced for Spider-Man.

“The e-Distribution model is a true extension of SPDE Digital Networks' cycle of innovation as we work to identify branded properties, find unique ways to expand, promote and commercialize these opportunities and engage consumers in new and compelling ways," said SPDE EVP Patrick Kennedy. “The games are designed to extend the life of the studio's brands beyond the theatrical experience.”

Online, Men In Black II: Crossfire will be available in June, from the film's official site www.meninblack.com and will also be featured on the Station at www.thestation.com. In addition, the game will be distributed though the WildTangent Broadcast Games Network.

Men In Black II will be released nationwide in theaters on July 3.

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