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Sony to Slice PlayStation2 Price in Japan

28 Jun, 2001 By: Hive News

In a prelude to a possible price shift in the U.S., Sony Corp. said on Thursday it will make a modest cut in the price of its PlayStation 2 game console in Japan in anticipation of the fall launch of rival game consoles, according to Reuters.

Sony Computer Entertainment said it would lower the price of its PlayStation 2 in Japan to $281.7 (35,000 yen) starting Friday. Sony's overseas subsidiaries will set retail prices for their particular markets.

Sony hopes that the expected move will provide PlayStation 2 with a boost in the U.S. that will carry over through the fall, short-circuiting attempts by either Microsoft with its Xbox or Nintendo with its GameCube to grab the price lead and generate momentum at launch.

A Sony spokeswoman said the lower price would not impact revenue or require a revision of Sony's earnings forecast for this fiscal year, according to the wire service report.

Sony Computer Entertainment sold 9.2 million PlayStation 2 consoles worldwide for the fiscal year ended March 31. Sony says its goal is to sell 20 million PS2 units this year.

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