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Sony Projects 1M Blu-ray Disc Sales by Q4

30 Aug, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Spider-Man 3

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment said its expects to reach 1 million total Blu-ray Disc unit sales in North America by the fourth quarter following releases of Spider-Man 3 (Sept. 3) and Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Close Encounters, which streets Nov. 12, represents Spielberg's first HD release.

The studio, which said its Blu-ray movie sales in Europe topped the 250,000 mark, added that sales of the format in emerging markets Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Eastern Europe, South Africa and the Middle East account for 10% of Sony's international home entertainment business.

“These sales milestones across the world illuminate the positive reception from retailers and consumers alike for Blu-ray,” said David Bishop, president, worldwide for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “Our strong fourth-quarter line-up will underscore the confidence in this format.”

Sony said through Aug. 12, sales of Blu-ray movies sold two-to-five times that of rival HD DVD following the launch of the PlayStation 3 in March.

The studio said Blu-ray movies account for 69% of the European high-def market with Sony titles comprising a 47% market share. James Bond remake Casino Royale is the top selling HD title in Europe.

“With the breadth of titles already available on Blu-ray, the format is outselling HD DVD by more than 2:1 in Europe,” said Simon McDowell, SVP, Europe, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “Going into Q4, SPHE has a strong slate on deck and support from retailers, which should further propel momentum for Blu-ray.”

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