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Sony Faces PS3 Launch Challenges Internationally

28 Feb, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Sony Corp. is facing some hurdles as it attempts to launch the PlayStation 3 internationally.

Leading up to the delayed March 23 release of the Blu-ray Disc drive-equipped PS3 in Europe, reports claimed this edition was incompatible with most PlayStation 2 games.

Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Daisuke Nakata told the Associated Press that eliminating the PS2 chip from production made the PS3 easier and cheaper to mass produce.

He said Sony will offer a firmware download to fix the problem.

Reports noted that start-up costs associated with Blu-ray and other components have resulted in Sony losing money on each PS3 unit sold.

PS3s sold in Japan and the United States did include the PS2 chip.

Cost also is an issue as Sony attempts to lure Australian PS3 consumers with a free movie of Casino Royale and download of the video game Gran Turismo: HD, among other enticements. Australia's PS3 is slated to carry a $999 (Australian) price tag.

Sony Electronics executives declined comment, and PlayStation officials were not available for comment.

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