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Sony Embraces Online Initiatives

7 Jan, 2008 By: John Latchem

In a star-studded Consumer Electronics Show presentation featuring the likes of Tony Bennett and Jerry Seinfeld, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) unveiled a number of initiatives that embrace the age of online entertainment.

Sony announced a partnership with YouTube for ad-supported video channels. First up this month will be The Minisode Network (TMN), which offers five-minute versions of classic TV shows. TMN will grow to up to 21 channels with such content as “Married … With Children,” “Newsradio” and an animation block.

Working with Nielsen, SPT also is developing a new research project to quantify the total impact of combined media offerings for advertisers. An initial study indicated SPT content reaches nearly two-thirds of all young, high-tech consumers across traditional TV, high-def and Internet programs.

Sony estimates there are 37 million adult technologists in the United States, about 12% of the population. They tend to skew younger and constitute a significant portion of the early adopter consumer base.

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